Advent Day 8 - Your Chance to Win

Enter to win Snotcha the new game from Drumond Park


Snotcha! (rrp £24.99 for age 5+) is a grossly entertaining new game for 2-4 players from Drumond Park, that’s set to be hugely popular with cheeky little ones this Christmas! Indeed, this hilarious sneeze spraying action game is guaranteed to get everyone going, one way or another!

Each intrepid player takes a turn to get face to face with Snotcha (lean in close!) and spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on the top of his nose. With every slow, complete (no cheating, now!) push it’s time to see if he can hold in his snotty sneeze or not … And of course the big question is, will he sneeze AT’CHOO?

The tension rises as the ‘sneeze’ pressurises with every press, accompanied by excited squeals and giggles! Phew … you’ve stayed dry this time … or maybe not – AAAHHH CHOOO! He’s got you! Ewww that is a super wet sneeze! And of course it’s only cold, clear water… but you’re out of the game this time round.

Play continues with the remaining players taking their turns to spin the spinner and push down on Snotcha, until just one player is left. And that extremely lucky person, who’s managed to avoid being sneezed on right through the round, is the undisputed WINNER!

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***Specific T&Cs***

Prize must be claimed within 7 days for our Christmas Advent 
December is a busy month for all especially the postal service. Please allow extra time for your prize to arrive. We will do our very best to get your prize to you as soon as possible, however, some prizes may not be received until after the festive period.

Advent Day 8 - Your Chance to Win

Closing date: 08-12-2017

Value £25

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